Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This is where we're headed

Note the problem the Brits are having with their nationalized health-care system. Seems not all cancer patients are getting the medicines they need to treat their diseases. So the government increased taxes to cover the cost. From Health Insurance and Protection, from the UK:

All cancer patients would have access to the cancer drugs they need under a Conservative government, the Tories are claiming, thanks to a £200m cancer drugs fund [sic] created by raising the threshold for employers national insurance contributions.
The party claims that this policy will ensure that no cancer patient is refused access to drugs that have been licensed since 2005, if their doctors say they need them. Currently drugs that are licensed may still not be available on the NHS, if the national institute for health and clinical excellence (NICE) deems them to be not clinically or cost effective.
Note that they have a national institute making decisions about who gets a drug, and who doesn't. Not necessarily the doctor, nor the patient. And for all of this, the average Brit pays about 11 percent more of his smaller average salary in taxes than does a worker in the U.S.

This is where the Democrats want to take us to. But I think the majority of Americans were thinking something different when they heard "Health Care Reform."

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